Digital Photo Restoration - Digital Photo Books

Every photograph is a time capsule. Whether it’s a family snapshot or a record of some important event, there is a story behind every picture.

We believe passionately in the importance of photographs, old and new, as a way to preserve memories and events for future generations. We also believe that photographs are meant to be seen and not locked away in dusty lofts or old shoeboxes.

In a world of instant digital imaging, mass storage and social media it’s easy to forget that this was the fate of most pictures. Before the digital age many photos, negatives and slides were not copied or stored properly and have deteriorated over time or suffered damage. Even those that were carefully placed in albums won’t have escaped trouble.

We specialise in digitally restoring photographs and documents. We also specialise in helping you create the best solution to show and share your images in the future, whatever the occasion.

With more than 40 years’ experience in photography, computer technology and genealogical research, we have both the knowledge to bring your photographs back to life and the understanding of how to present and share images effectively.

Whether you want to create a family album, make a presentation to your local history group or simply have a treasured photograph displayed on the mantelpiece, we can help.  If we’ve got you thinking, take a closer look at our site by clicking on one of the services below.


Digital restoration is the safest and most cost-effective way to repair and preserve old photographs and documents without damaging the originals. Our sympathetic renovations lose none of the historical detail but allow you to display a new picture alongside your modern collection.
Bring the traditional photo album up to date in a beautiful printed book that lets you display pictures, words and documents to tell a story. Whether for a special occasion or a historical record, we can design the right photo book for you. And remember, printing extra copies for family and friends is easy.
We also offer a range of image retouching and presentation services to make the most of your important images, including extracting portraits from group photos, changing backgrounds, making photo collages, framing services and digital slideshows.